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Hanse Haus manufacture a pre-fabricated timber frame house, with completed wall sections up to 12m in length. With this level of precision engineering from our German factory, it is essential that the foundation is prepared to the same level of accuracy.

We have had a very good experience with the service of Penni and Paul and would recommend them to any future HANSE HAUS clients in England, Wales and Scotland”.

Bruno Kleinheinz

Sales Director and Construction Manager for Hanse Haus.

Meisterstueck-HAUS is very happy to work with Penny and Paul, as they deliver exactly what we need, on time and in excellent quality.  Once they are on the case, we know that  we can rely on them.

Helmut Gross, Meisterstueck-HAUS UK

We built two high quality off-site manufactured Stommel Haus homes on concrete slabs built by P&P Ltd. The quality was excellent – levels and dimensions were accurate. Hard standing for the crane and lorry were well prepared. The entire site was very clean. We would recommend P&P Ltd.

Barbara Fischer-Clark

Stommel Haus UK

We were introduced to P & P Groundworks when we chose Hanse Haus  to build our new home and were told by the architect that the foundation slab had to be very accurate.  We met Penni and Paul and were impressed by their professional ability and friendliness.

We were living many miles from the new house and had every confidence that they would handle the situation well.  Once on site everything went very smoothly and we were kept informed of progress.   We have no hesitation in recommending P & P for their high reputation and standards.  Thank you Penni and Paul for all you have done for us, we can well understand why you are so busy.

Mary and Malcolm Bond

We first heard about P&P Groundworks when we asked our next door neighbours who they had selected to carry out the foundation works for their pre-fabricated German manufactured home. It was important for us to use a groundworks company whose reputation we could rely on as we knew we would not be able to visit the site readily during the works.

We did our own research and after discussing the requirements for our timber framed house with Penni, we soon felt confident that this stage of our project would be in safe hands.

We would like to say a big thank you to Penni, Paul and Robbie who often worked in very cold, wet and difficult site conditions but yet still managed to construct our base to their usual high standards. They are also very nice people and very easy to get along with. We would definitely recommend using P&P to anyone thinking of self-building.

Brian & Gill Vines

My wife and I were introduced to P&P Groundworks by the architect who was co-ordinating the building of our new Hanse Haus home.  As non-experts in the construction industry, we had little detailed knowledge of what was required or the complexities involved in the creation of the foundation slab so we were very much in the hands of Penni and Paul.  What a wise and reassuring choice this turned out to be.  With over ten years’ experience in making slabs for this type of pre-fabricated home, they knew exactly what was required and had already met and solved all the ‘unexpected’ problems our particular site presented.  Nothing fazed them and whatever concerns we might have had as laymen were allayed in a practical and courteous way.

Despite having to work in some really difficult and wet winter conditions, they kept the site clean and tidy always worked in a highly professional way.  P&P produced a result that not only met the stringent demands of the German house manufacturer, they did so by a considerable margin.  The surface was within 5 mm of absolute level throughout the whole 200 sq m slab.  They kept the site tidy and as clean as was possible given the muddy conditions and worked in a highly professional way.  We became aware that another local builder actually came to the site to photograph it as a demonstration of what perfection should be !

Like so many others who have given testimonials, we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending P&P Goundworks for work of this type.  If you are a self-builder like we are, there are quite enough things to organise as it is – Penni and Paul will lift the burden of getting the all-important foundation work done properly from your shoulders and produce a job you will be proud of.   We can’t thank them enough.

Alan and Christine Wiseman

‘We employed Penni & Paul to do the groundworks for our Hanse House. Knowing that the slab needed to be very accurate we felt with their experience, we were in safe hands.  From Day 1 they were amazing. They had to deal with a tight entrance to the site, Pilers and scorching weather, all taken in their stride.

We handed them the key on the first day and really didn’t need to be there until they handed the key back.  We are hoping they will be available to complete our patio and landscaping sometime next year. Highly recommend.  A big thank you to Penni, Paul and Robbie.’

Lesley & Danny O’Brien  


Contemplating designing and ‘building’ our new house from Hanse Haus was definitely the most exciting and terrifying project we have ever had to do. It was therefore such a relief to talk to Penni & Paul who seemed to know all the answers to our many questions and made everything feel like an everyday occurrence. They made us feel very comfortable when we needed to talk through the options we had re the ground works, even when the questions, in come cases, were asked more than once.

The guys that work for them are first class. They went out of their way to help with things we were not able to do and explained in detail what they were doing and why. The site was kept as clean as possible and in particular the service road, which was hosed down more than once most days, therefore saving our good relationship with our neighbours.

To say we are pleased with the finished over-site is a understatement.  We are delighted with it and would recommend to anyone who needs a first class job from people who not only know what they are talking about but are prepared to get their hands dirty and do the work themselves when needed.

Anne Hollywood & Brian Price

Just a short note to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on the ground works on our new house.

Having you on site was an absolute pleasure and your presence from the first day gave us the re-assurance that all would be well – as it was.

It was great knowing amid all that necessary but baffling structural engineering “stuff” that we had somebody on our side who could use their experience and skills, together with the topographical and soil surveys,to challenge the structural design and ensure the footings and slab we had were appropriate – rather than the thermonuclear bunker the structural engineer originally specified.  

I still can’t believe that seven weeks after the job was finished and the gas and electricity suppliers couldn’t complete their connections, that you drove the 100+ miles from Bath, same day and after a full day’s work to help us (and show the supply companies how it should be done). 

We may have started off engaging a ground works company but we ended up with good friends. So come back soon and build the drive, courtyard, pool-house and patio for us – there is nobody else we trust like you to do the job.

Sue and Pete Sadler

We first met Penni and Paul when we embarked on building a timber framed house in St. Germans, Cornwall in 2005.

They took the project on with enthusiasm and were very knowledgeable about all aspects of the build, from the ground work to the finishing touches. They also had a very good understanding of how the outside agencies worked, including the local Council planning department and were competent enough to deal with any queries that arose from those agencies. It was also great to find mixed gender partnership to work with, who were also able to relate and communicate with all the members of our family.

We always found them to be very professional, conscientious, friendly and trustworthy and would recommend them to any one embarking in a major build or smaller building project, including landscaping and groundworks.”

Tony and Tracy Case
St. Germans, Cornwall

I thought it was about time I wrote to thank you for the excellent work you did for us.

Pat and I were particularly impressed by your energy and efficiency and determination to get the job done in a sensible time span. We are sure most others would have taken at least 2 weeks longer to do the job and they would not have left our site as clean and tidy as you did.

Remarkably and in our opinion just as importantly, you managed to maintain a sense of humour at all times – well, within ear shot that is!

You will be pleased to know that when the builders came to construct the house, they were highly impressed with the accuracy of the square and level of the slab. I am sure that went a long way in enabling them to go from foundations to tiling the roof on two and a half days. It was a pleasure having you here. We enjoyed sharing cups of tea and laughs with you in between and during the hard work (our tea and your hard work!) If we ever build another house, you have already got the groundworks job.

Pat and Tony Watling

Sellindge, Kent

I have received a first class service from Penni and Paul. From our initial meeting the organisation of the ground works for my home were in experienced hands and they have supported me through each step of the process. They have exceeded my expectations and have gone above and beyond to get the job done.

I would recommend Penni and Paul’s service to others.

Eleanor White

Falmouth, Cornwall

Working with P&P Groundworks was a fantastic experience. A family run business with a keen sense of attention to detail, precision on build and delivering great value for money, they are a delight to work with.

What we really appreciated in the project was the positive proactive attitude that both Penni and Paul had when any issues arose, even the most complicated setbacks got resolved with good humour and strong intelligence. Don;t go anywhere else for your foundation!

Allis Clarke

We were introduced to Penni & Paul when we first considered a new build from Hanse Haus.

From their very first visit it was obvious that they were the right people for the job. We had a tricky sloping site but by taking things gradually and addressing each situation as it cropped up, they provided the perfect solution. In addition they have a great sense of humour, essential in this game, coupled with an ability to sort through the dross and get things done.

Would recommend them to anyone building their own home.


Chris & Sheila Marwood.

At last we have finally found time to put pen to paper and thank you for your excellent work at the end of last year completing the foundations in readiness for our German house builders Hanse Haus here in Braintree.

They required exacting standards for the slab base and service points and you provided it spot on. From day one you worked to resolve problems with all our professional people along with our new tetchy neighbours maintaining in difficult circumstances such good working relationships. It took such cooperation amongst everyone involved so as to complete this work on-time and with such unplanned problems that were thrown our way, such as uncharted private sewers, power cable lines, mains water crossing the plot etc.

To boot the building inspector seemed not to want to make life easy but it was with your much patience and effort along with Paul’s extra hard graft that it all finished on time ready for the German builders arrival on time and on schedule.

All in all we think you both deserve a score of ten out of ten or a ‘bulls eye’ for this work and would use you in future should we ever build new again.

If you require references for your work we would be more than happy to provide one, this being the least we could do for such fine people.

Mike and Elaine Brady

Braintree, Essex