Penny and Paul by Digger

Paul and Penni

 Paul’s Background

Started as an apprentice chippy when he left school. Went from there to learning his building skills. He has been in the construction industry in several different ways. He had a large digger and driver company back in the 70’s and 80’s, with approximately 30 people working for him.

He would be working on such constructions as golf courses to commercial builds. He then went out of the construction for a couple of years and tried his hand at double glazing. He opened a company up with Penni in the later 90’s but found that this was not what he wanted to do.

So he went back into the foundation side of building. And so is today.


Penni’s Background

Left school and went to college to do hotel and retail management. Had a year out working in Switzerland and returned and joined THF Hotels. Went through the managerial training and worked for them all over the country until she met her late husband. Came out of the work force and bought up two children and returned to self employment, and owned her own retail business.  Moved back to Cornwall and was a quality assurance officer for a local factory, worked her way up to being the head of QA. Stayed several years with this company, met Paul and decided that there was more to life than working in an office all day.She teamed up with Paul and learnt her knowledge of building. She personally worked with Paul on several different sites from commercial to one-off houses.  

They decided that it was time to join forces so Penni left her job and became a partner in Paul’s building business. She dealt with the customer liaison and the buying of goods and sorting any problems that may arise. She also physically worked on site.

Today they still work as a team and were married in January 2012